Surviving a Marathon

Date: 9/15/2016 As runners, your feet absorb more force than any part of your body. Since your feet are essentially the propellers of your motion they affect your level of comfort throughout your run. That is why footcare is an essential element of training for a marathon! Shoe Selection A properly fitted shoe is vital … Read more

Flip-Flop Foot Care Advice

Date: 8/15/2016 For many of us summertime means time for wearing flip-flops, showing of our pedicured feet, and enjoying the sunshine! Unfortunately, this choice of seasonal footwear could end up causing more pain than pleasure. The problem is that not all flip-flops are created equally, nor are they made for all summer activities. Keep the … Read more

Summer Foot Care Tips

Date: 8/31/15 Summer plans usually involve the relief of putting those winter boots away and transitioning into more freeing footwear like sandals and flipflops, or even going barefoot.  However, these choices can create their own set of foot predicaments.  Don’t let foot problems ruin your summer fun. Follow these summer tips: Going barefoot: Limit your … Read more