Healthy Feet are Happy Feet!

Columbia Podiatry is excited to offer the first and only laser therapy treatment in podiatric medicine in Mid-Missouri! The Cutera Genesis Plus, the premium podiatric laser for toes and feet! Drug-free treatment for fungal toenails, unsightly scars, or plantar warts.  Start treating unsightly nails now to have healthy, happy feet.

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Welcome to Columbia Podiatry! Since 1986, we’ve been focused on providing podiatric solutions to the Mid-Missouri area.  Specializing in podiatric surgery and sports medicine, Columbia Podiatry offers the best treatment to patients of all ages.  Whether you are looking for treatment of diabetic foot conditions, ingrown and/or fungal toenails, bunions, hammertoes, and other ailments, or just wanting to schedule your annual foot exam, our website makes it easy to request an appointment online, contact us with questions or concerns, and learn more about specific podiatric conditions. We believe informed patients are better prepared to make decisions about their health and well being, so we encourage you to review this information to help you understand any health concerns you may face.

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