Summer Foot Care Tips

Date: 8/31/15

Summer plans usually involve the relief of putting those winter boots away and transitioning into more freeing footwear like sandals and flipflops, or even going barefoot.  However, these choices can create their own set of foot predicaments.  Don’t let foot problems ruin your summer fun. Follow these summer tips:

  • Going barefoot: Limit your barefoot adventures, this will help you to avoid sunburnt feet and the risk of contracting viruses (warts, fungus, bacteria) as well foreign bodies (splinters, glass).
  • Sun exposure: Protecting your feet from the sun is often forgotten. Make sure to apply sunscreen to the entire foot, and to reapply if you have been in the water.
  • Stay hydrated: It is always important to drink lots of water to help your body combat the summer heat. The extra fluids will also minimize any foot swelling caused by the extreme temps.
  • Flip-flop protection: When you are in common areas like community pools, beaches, locker rooms, or hotel rooms make sure to wear shoes or sandals. This will help guard against contracting any bacterial infections, these things tend to thrive in warm moist environments.
  • Safe pedicures: Be picky about who you see for your foot pampering. Pedicure tools and whirl pool soaks can be a playground for foot bacteria.  Try to schedule your appointments in the morning so that you are more likely to be the first client of the day. Feel free to bring your own tools that you have cleaned at home. Also, do not shave your legs for at least 24 hours before your pedicure. Hair removal can cause tiny cuts increasing your risk of infection.
  • Appropriate footwear: Many more outdoor activities become available to us in the summer such as hiking or boating.  Make sure that you have the correct footwear for your adventures and that you always bring an extra pair of shoes and socks so that you can keep your feet dry and safe.

If you are experiencing some of these trappings of summer and have foot concerns we would love to help you. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, call (573) 443-2015. If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at our Columbia, MO office.

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