Running Through Pain? Stop.

Date: 11/1/2016

Anyone who has ever taken their running routine seriously has experienced pain or soreness. For athletes the question becomes when the pain overall muscle soreness and when is it something more that needs to be addressed?

Obviously, if you are experiencing swelling, severe pain, numbness, tingling, in ability to move a limb or the feeling that that it is giving way you should seek medical attention. Avoid training of any sort until you are able to seek proper medical care and have your symptoms addressed properly.

Sometimes mild pain will occur at the start of your exercise. Often, this irritation will recede or go away as you start to warm up and continue to run. It may be inconsistent as far as its location or become bilateral. This discomfort is ok to run though. Perform R.I.C.E (rest, ice,compression, elevation) treatment to areas that are you giving you concern after your run.
If the pain occurs at the start of your exercise but stays with you through the course of your training it is considered in the moderate level. As long you are able to tolerate the hurt (no limping or altering of your running stride) you can continue with the day’s exercises. Follow up by allowing your body to heal with a couple days off and the application of R.I.C.E. treatments.

However, if you are experiencing these aches before, during, and after your exercises this is considered severe in nature. This pain usually persists, or increases throughout the duration of activity and may also produce a limp. Never continue to run through this suffering. Seek medical advice from your doctor as soon as possible.

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