Columbia Heel Pain Treatment

Enjoy Walking without Pain

What is Heel Pain?
Heel pain is a very common form of foot pain, mainly because the heel bone (calcaneus) is the largest bone in the foot. The heel is also the first part of the foot to contact the ground during walking, meaning it absorbs the most pressure. In most cases, heel pain is not the result of any single injury – like a fall or twist – but rather the result of repetitive or excessive heel pounding.

How is Heel Pain Treated?
Most cases of heel pain can be treated with conservative methods, but anti-inflammatory medications or injections may also be recommended. These medications not only reduce pain, but inflammation too.

Custom Orthotics for Heel Pain
Simply put, orthotic devices are pads that are placed into a pair of shoes to reduce and eliminate heel pain. However, many heel pain suffers resort to over-the-counter orthotics that are not designed to treat the cause of heel pain. That’s because non-custom orthotics are simply designed to add cushioning for worn out shoes, they do not have specific design features that address the root cause of heel pain.

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